Update on HRC Interim Pastor Search:


Last week we shared that we were moving forward with Interim Pastor Ministries (IPM) in an effort to have an interim pastor in place shortly after Pastor Steve’s retirement. We also shared that we asked IPM to recommend a pastor from outside of the RCA or the PCA and that we would like to have a full congregational vote approving any recommended interim pastor. That process continues to move forward as described below:



  • April 11 - RCA recommends using IPM

  • May 11 - IPM provides process and timeline details to partner with HRC

  • May 11 - Informational background information sent to IPM and IPM recommends Dr. Ken Moberg

  • May 16 - Pastor Moberg and his wife Tina spend time in prayer and feel led to continue IPM review process with HRC

  • May 17-20 - Resume, references and preaching samples receive initial review by HRC elders

  • May 21 - Elders provide update at May consistory meeting and discuss interim housing with deacons should Pastor Moberg be approved by congregation.

  • May 23 - Elders interview Pastor Moberg and respond to his questions.

  • June 30-July 1 - Pastor Moberg and wife Tina visit Hingham for meet & greet and to preach



God has opened numerous doors allowing us to meet IPM timelines and plan for Pastor Mobeg and his wife to join us in five weeks. We want to provide the congregation with an opportunity to learn about Pastor Moberg and why we feel God is leading him to Hingham. Please reference the resources below as you pray over this important decision. The elders will be communicating with Pastor Moberg to organize details around his visit and plan to give the congregation the week following that visit to pray and consider his candidacy. We will then hold a short congregational meeting on July 8 to vote.




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